“Each shoe carries with it an invaluable wealth of knowledge and experience gained through decades of practice and dedication.”

The draft drawings and the preparation of the collection begin after our designer team comes together, researches the world trends of that season and exchanges ideas. The next stage is a creative process where our designers and technicians work together on what our product launch will be.. Then starts the material selection and creation of full-scale prototypes for each new shoe.
raw materials
Our R&D department starts the raw material supply work needed to move into production in line with the prepared collection. Raw materials are purchased from domestic and foreign manufacturers in accordance with the quality standards of our company. Our company continues to lead the sector with innovative products by following the raw materials and production technology closely.
Our creation, which is prepared by our design and R & D team together with the machines that superior handcraft and developing technology has added to our sector, enters the production process. We believe that good shoes should be sustainable. Therefore, we go beyond tradition and pioneer innovative materials and manufacturing methods.
quality control
Footwear is a rather complex product that requires a wide range of materials and a number of different manufacturing processes. Rigorous quality control is carried out by our QC experts from the beginning to the end of production. Only the highest quality shoes reach the end of this detailed process, because we do not bring any shoes we are not completely satisfied with to our customers.
Kalite Kontrol